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"Okay, so the play is over but this is one I'll remember for forever. It has been so much fun growing and becoming a better person with all of you.  You guys really changed my life from beginning to end. You all were so loving and kind. It truly was the best play/cast I have been a part of. The cast and crew were the best they have ever been. Eileen[Director] was right when she said it was the most cohesive cast. You were great people off stage, and onstage we put on a superb show! I'm proud and thankful to have met you, especially Josh,  and to have strengthened the friendships I already had. Also, I loved my part and my squad so much! #allfairies The scenes were so much fun  and I loved  hanging out with Sidney. It's sad to think I'll never get to do those scenes again. Backstage was a blast as always. I hope we can all get together sometime!  I love you all so much! Thank you  for making this play as amazing as it was. Also thank you to  everyone who came to  see the show! PS, Tia, you're a great audience  member, but we missed you!"

- Emily M, Instagram

"So I have seen and been a part of many NorthStar shows, and I have got to say I have never seen such an amazing cast that cares about each other so much for a long, long time. It was a really great opportunity to see a different part of the stage while working with lights on 'The Sleeping Beauty'. I can finally say I was a techie!!! Anyways. It was really cool to see the memories made during this show for so many people. The cast was so, so caring and kind. The amount of love being thrown around was crazy!!! Also, the amount of growth seen in some of the scenes was unreal. I can't wait for more shows to come because these people truly are some of the greatest friends/family I have ever had <3"

- Katelyn K


Elk River High School  - Little Theater  -  Enter the Building through Door H Parking is accessible from Jackson Street