Performances December 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

ERHS Little Theater Door H

Note: Tickets will not be mailed to you. They will be available at the box office on the day of the performance.

Cast List

Snowman Sam - Kirk Davis

Santa Claus -

Mrs Claus - Jessica Sandvig

Yukon Cornelius - Joel Keene

Peppermint Patti - Nichole Branjord

Bumble - Russ Branjord

Young Bumble - Isaac Branjord

Donner -

Vixen - Lydia Burgraffe

Rudolph - Isaac Branjord

Young Rudolph - Henry Sontag/Sam Branjord

Baby Rudolph - Derek Sontag

Clarise - Abbi Halverson

Young Clarise - McKenna Mix/Brynleigh Loiselle

Hermy the Elf - Eli Branjord/Joey Wagner

Holly the Elf - Lillie Beaudry

Boss Elf - Keilanna Sontag

Conductor Elf - Chloe Sandvig

Aviator ELf - Samantha Hofstead

Blizten - Jacob Burgraffe

Cupid - Paige Murray

Fireball - Gavin Johnson

Young Fireball - Jett Murray

Cast List

Queen Moonracer - Tia Mitchell

Dolly - Renee Mize/Grace Keene

Charlie in the Box - Marlo Nessa

Pink Spotted Elephant - Rayna

Cowgirl Riding an Ostrich - Keilanna Sontag

Bird that Can't Fly - Annika Benson

Train with Square Wheels - Gavin Johnson

Boat that Can't Float - Jett Murray

Water Pistol that Shoots Jelly - Jacob Burgraffe

Misfit Toys - Paige Murray, Renee Mize, Lillie Beaudry, Megan Davey, Chloe Sandvig, Lydia Burgraffe, Grace Keene.

Sled Dogs - Malena Hjort, Madison Buzzelli, Jayne Stenberg, Zoe Johnson, Samantha Hofstead.

Elves - Tia Mitchell, Keilana Sontag, Tia Mitchell, Annika Benson, Samantha Hofstead, Rayna McGowen, Renee Mize, Grace Keene, Lillie Beaudry, Marlo Ness, Paige Murray, Jett Murray, Jacob Burgraffe, Derek Sontag, Sam Branjord, Henry Sontag, McKenna Mix, Brynleigh Loiselle, Audrianna Walker, Lillian Lies.

Reindeer - Gavin Johnson, Tia Mitchell, Eli Branjord, Joey Wanger, Sam Branjord, Henry Sontag, Paige Murray, Lydia Burgraffe, Megan Davey, Addie Beaudry, Alex Michels, McKenna Mix, Brynleigh Loiselle.

Snow Children - Lily Kolyer, Addie Beaudry, Lillian Lies, Audrianna Walker, Alex Michels.

Mommy Penguin - Nichole Branjord

Baby Penguins - Levi Eliott, Lucy Branjord, Derek Sontag.