Does my child or I need to prepare anything for the audition?

Younger children who do not read do not need to prepare anything. The director may
ask your child to follow directions and ask them to act out situations to see their
reactions and expressions. Older children may be asked to read from the script and
act out scenes from the show. Children and parents trying out for major roles will be
asked to sing, so be prepared with an appropriate song to showcase your voice and the
role you want.



Do parents have to stay during rehearsals?

Parents signed up to stargaze will be the only parents allowed in the hallway
during rehearsals and during performances. The actors will not be able to come out to the parking lot or roam the hallways unsupervised.


How much does it cost participate to be in the show?

We work very hard to make sure all kids who want to be in the show or class can, so please
talk to us about any issues. The registration fee is $139. Payment is expected at auditions unless
other payment options are discussed with NorthStar staff. The Registration fee can be paid
online as well. This helps to pay the royalties for the show, pay for sets, costumes, classes and instructors and to pay for the use of the theater space.



What if we can not afford the fee?


Needs based scholarships are available upon request. Ask any Board member or upon request thru our website. No child should be denied the enjoyment and self confidence the performance arts provide.



How many days a week are rehearsals and classes?


Rehearsals are Monday through Friday between 630-830PM, but most actors are not called to every rehearsal. 2 or 3 nights a week is average until 3 weeks before the show opens. After that everyone is called every night. “Class times may vary from 1-5 times per week depending upon which class you are auditioning.



Do I have to volunteer?


Without committed parents our show is not possible, so yes we need every parent to help out in some way, costumes, watching kids back stage during rehearsal and during the show, helping build sets, gathering props, helping backstage and many many more options to show your child you are committed to their show. Please be prepared to help in some way every week through out the production.

For new and returning families, there will be a family volunteer expectation to be discussed and explained at the first rehearsal/parent meeting. A volunteer deposit will be collected from each family, the deposit will be $200 for the first child, & $100 for each additional child max $400 per family to be collected in the form of cash or check, the cash or check will be returned on the last show from the volunteer coordinator upon completion of the show and volunteer commitments.